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What Style Roof?

In Florida we deal with all kinds of roof styles and sizes. In the 50’s and 60’s most roofs in Brevard and Volusia counties were flat or low-sloped and made of layers of hot tar and tar-paper with a covering of hot tar and gravel. It was generally believed that the low-slope or flat roof would hold up to hurricanes better than a steep roof design. In addition, roof shingles in those days were made of asphalt and rag felts. The low-slope roofs with their protective layer of gravel lasted considerably longer in the Florida sunshine. (To see what kind of roof style you have, click See Roof Styles Here.)

Roof Shingles

With the advent of fiberglass reinforcement in the 70’s, roof shingles became a cheaper and yet competitive option to the old gravel roofs. The roof styles began to immediately to change. Contractors began to design homes that looked more like the ones in the north where most of their customers came from without sacrificing durability.

Due to improvements in Roofing technology we now routinely install shingles with a wind uplift resistance rating of 110 mph to 140 mph compared to just 70 mph less than a decade ago.

Secondary Water Barrier

Before the new shingles are installed we apply a layer of “modified” asphalt that has a fiberglass core. It is rolled out onto your roof just like the old tar-paper but isn’t nailed down. It has an adhesive backing that makes it stick to the wood decking your shingles are later nailed to. This material is able to seal around the nails used to fasten your shingles on top. That is why its called a “Secondary Water Barrier.” Your homeowner’s insurance company loves this layer. If a hurricane blows your shingles off, this “Peel and Stick” layer, as it is commonly called, remains fully adhered to the wood decking and protects your home from water damage. We will fill out a certification for you to give to your insurance provider. The discount you will get from them will save you enough on your policy that it will more than pay for the extra cost of the peel and stick in the first year.

Is Rotten wood in my roof included in the estimate?

We at Leader always include the cost of replacing rotten wood in our proposal. Many contractors charge extra for this work so you really don’t know how much your re-roof will cost until it is finished. This leaves you to guess how much the wood work will be. We believe we are much better qualified to assess the amount of wood damage before the start of the job than you are. That’s why when you have Leader Construction and Roofing Co install your new roof you will know exactly what it will cost the day we come out to do your free estimate. There is never an unforeseen cost. We include all permitting costs, everything. The amount on your proposal will be the amount on your check.

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